Wedding Accessories for an Every Day Wardrobe*


Urm… I guess I should start with an apology for leaving it so long since I last posted? I’ve had a relatively busy social life recently and I got a little too into it but no worries, I am back and I’m back to stay in an attempt to entertain you on those dull evenings.

I’m here with another review, this time, I was allowed to pick out a few items from BHS from their wedding category an oh my was is difficult to pick out just a handful of things from such a beautiful collection. First impressions, as always, are very important and mine were; these are beautiful! Seeing as I’m not going to a wedding anytime soon, I selected items that could be used for several things. Clutches are diverse and manage to add a little class to a simple jeans, blazer and top. The clutches I ordered are silky little chain strapped clutches that are big enough to hold all the “night out” essentials, i.e phone, keys, money, lipstick. I chose the navy one because it’s less blunt than black but still a statement accessory to go with your dark outfits, it doesn’t look too wedding specific either, because it’s such a dark colour so it fits perfectly into most town dresses, suitable for practically every single LBD in your wardrobe! As a complete opposite to the navy, I popped a white  clutch into my basket as well because it’s an easy neutral colour to work with, not that I wear light colours often but blue doesn’t go with everything so the clip clutch with a subtle bow was too cute to pass up and at £16 each, it’s a steal.

BHS review

After going through my jewellery collection I decided that I needed a new pair of earrings and a necklace as well so I dived straight into the gold, silvers and gems, eventually picking out the cutest pair of dangling daisy like flower earrings ready for the spring, I feel like they especially go with a light pair of jeans and a kimono, don’t you agree? I don’t usually wear jewellery but they are going to get a lot of use seeing as they’re such a simple and sweet accessory. Of course, as I’d gone for the dainty floral pair, I also had to flip it round and pick quite an elegant set of earrings as well, with a matching necklace. I’ll admit, I originally chose these because the box was so pretty and I wanted it but when they arrived, I was so glad I’d picked them out because they look so much nicer in person and I’ve already decided they are what I will be wearing to fancy events, the tear drop shape of the charms is so simple and I do like simplicity.

The final item I ordered was a pair of high waist black skinny jeans and they are sooooo comfy which is really important when it comes to jeans, even skinny jeans, they are supposed to make you feel relaxed, not restricted and that is why the jeans are perfect for lounging around. However, they are a little loose around the waist which is annoying but most high waist jeans are like that with a lot of people… I think.

Over all, I loved everything I received from BHS, even the fact that they were beautifully package or maybe that’s just me because I like giant bubble wrap. Thank you BHS for letting me review your gorgeous products. If you would like to check the online website out for yourself, go here.


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