#BlogConLDN Event Round Up


So I went to BlogCon on Saturday and it was awesome! I love the little blogging events, it means I get to mingle with new people and other bloggers with similar interests and there’s always something to learn which is great.

I had to wake up at six, not so great when the excitement and nerves keep you up until four, and I made the mistake of putting false nails on and as a result, I basically disabled my hands because I had to get my flat mate to do my jeans up for me. I then had to catch a train on my own to London which was an adventure in itself but I finally got there, alive. And it was sooo worth it.

I’ve been to a few boring and dull events since I’ve been blogging but I really liked BlogCon, there were new brands and familiar brands, some cute goodie bags, plenty of competitions and most importantly, to me at least,  good company. I went to BlogCon on my own because I’m getting better at making friends now so I was confident that I’d find someone there I could hang out with and I was lucky enough to find ReeRee Rockette. I usually look for colourful people because I always get the opinion that they’re easily approachable and ReeRee was so friendly, it was really nice to hang out with her and get to hear about her blogging journey and even nicer to go out for a quick glass of wine with her after the event!

I was quick to grab some of the samples on show, as you do, and I have to say, I’m really impressed with their performances. To name a few of the brands, there was Merumaya, SexyHair, Exuberance along with various others. I will be doing reviews on some of the products I got to test out which is exciting because they’re all such good quality and I’m so happy with their results.

Unfortunately, I didn’t get to listen to any of the talks, mainly because the room was so abuzz with energy, I knew I’d struggle to hear over everyone but hopefully I’ll get to sit down at one next time. However, if anyone did get to sit down and listen in on one of the influencers, let me know how it went, what it was about and what you gained from it.

All in all, a really great day, well done to Scarlett for once again holding such a beautiful event, I can’t wait for the next one!


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