Blonde Sexy Hair shampoo, conditioner and shine spray – Review


When I first started this blog, I had black hair, since then, I’ve had brown hair, dark blue hair, dark red hair and ginger but now I am finally back to my blonde. Only, it was a little darker than it had been due to four years of dying it so when I was sent a Blonde Sexy Hair, a lightening shampoo and conditioner along with a shine spray from SexyHair I was more than willing to test them out in the hopes my light blonde hair would come back.

I was not disappointed in the slightest.

First off, I wanted to start with the packaging for Blonde Sexy Hair, I know it’s probably not important to you but considering we naturally buy things based on how they look and their brand name, it is actually really important. If I were to go into a shop and see this product on the shelf, my attention would be caught purely because they have used Marilyn Monroe on the bottle and she was well known for her platinum blonde hair and beauty and is still an icon that is strongly tied to the hair colour, blonde. Along with this, the bottles are tall, sleek and golden, what isn’t to like about the colour gold? Another colour related to blonde. I naturally analyse products like this because the better the packaging and marketing, the higher my expectations for the product itself.

Blonde Sexy Hair Shampoo

I was sent two shampoos, one for naturally blonde hair and one for blonde highlighted or silver hair.  I don’t have highlights but I used both. First, I used the purple shampoo which kind of scared me because when I poured it into my hand it is a really deep purple. It took three washes before people started asking if I’d dyed my hair which is a positive response considering it started working more or less immediately and it was noticeable. It also made my bath water purple which is kind of like a bath bomb and a shampoo at once, always a plus. The shampoo for natural blonde hair did exactly the same job but I can’t see it doing the same job for unnaturally blonde hair because that isn’t its purpose but they both worked for me.

Blonde Sexy Hair Conditioner


The conditioner didn’t quite have the same consistency as my normal conditioners and it didn’t go as far but that could just be because I have mildly thick hair and I use twice as much conditioner as I do shampoo but regardless, it left my hair so soft and easy to brush after I’d towel dried. It emphasised the blonde-ness and I have had so many compliments about my hair looking lighter since I’ve been using these products. The only downfall is it’s more difficult to wash out, it took a little longer to rinse than my regular conditioners but it wasn’t exactly a problem so long as I wasn’t in a rush.

Blonde Sexy Hair Shine Spray


Honestly not a fan, not just of this product but of any shine spray. Personally, I think that unless you’re doing a fancy hairstyle where you’re required to have shiny hair that is slicked back, I don’t see the point in it. It just makes it feel greasy and look wet again which I don’t find appealing whatsoever although it does have its uses. If you are subscribed to me on YouTube, you may or may not have seen my “Change Of Heart Tutorial” where the shine spray came into play when I had to slick my hair back with wax and make it shine and it does a good job.

I loved the shampoos and conditioners and would suggest them to anyone who wants to lighten their blonde hair for summer rather than having to use dye and thank you to SexyHair for sending me some bottles to test out. Go check out the website and get your own. SexyHair make plenty of other products as well, from volumizing sprays to styling serums which I look forward to trying out.

                        Pic 1 – Before                                              Pic 2 – After

As you can see, it the second picture, my hair looks healthier and more hydrated than it does in the first and it’s lighter, not as if I’ve dyed it but visibly lighter and that’s just from using the shampoo and conditioner. I rate this product not only for doing what it says but for making my hair look in a far better condition than it was.


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  1. June 22, 2016 / 6:47 pm

    Your hair looks great! This blonde’s gotta go out and get a bottle.

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