Bootea Review – Does it Work and is it Worth it? – First Week


Just like everyone else, once again, for like, the billionth time, losing weight is one of my New Years resolutions and this year, I figured i’d try something a little different and go with a teatox. The closest thing I’ve done to a teatox is drinking green tea every morning for a week and honestly, nothing really changed, I just felt a lot more tired because of my lack of coffee but I had heard a lot about Bootea and figured I have nothing to lose if I try it out and it doesn’t work.

I researched it quite a bit before purchasing the 28 days box, ignoring most of the celebrity promotions and going straight to bloggers, it seems people have very different opinions on the detox, some say it’s a miracle worker, others say they just got cramps and didn’t lost anything so before you take everything i’m saying as gospel, just be aware that i’m pretty sure it might work differently for different people.
I recorded how I felt and how the tea impacted me every other day, just to get a close up, accurate review of the product. Also, keep in mind that whilst doing Bootea, I have only ate fish, no meat, mainly salads along with working out most days doing strength training, with all the combined, it would have aided weight loss anyway so this isn’t all the work of the teatox but there are various other benefits of the product.

Day 1
This is my first day on Bootea and I have cramps however, I may or may not be due but I know that some people have had issues with getting cramps whilst using the tea. I had my Bootea in the morning and was quite full of energy although I did crash at eight and took a nap because my eyes were so heavy.

Day 3
I weighed myself yesterday, the first time since before Christmas, I haven’t lost or put on any weight which is a positive but that’s probably because I spent my Christmas ill so I didn’t really consume anything anyway. I’ve had a chocolate sundae and a few pieces of rubbish sugary food, but I haven’t been binging. I also came on which explains the cramps, I’m grateful they aren’t because of the tea but they have been a bit stronger recently. I’m getting less cravings for rubbish food but I’m super tired which might have something to do with the fact that Bootea has replaced my coffee so my body is currently adjusting the lack of caffeine in my system.

Day 5
It’s nice to be in the routine of getting up each morning, having my Bootea and getting on with my day feeling right because I’ve started it healthily. I’m getting used to the taste now which is a positive, the daytime detox doesn’t really taste of anything other than hot water but the night one is okay, a hint of peppermint sweetens it slightly.

Day 7
So it’s been a week since I started Bootea and I’m quite happy with the results, I’ve lost 3 pounds which is great considering I went to Kaspa’s and had a chocolate brownie waffle and an Oreo milkshake and I also had a dominoes pizza earlier on in the week so I’m rather surprised I lost anything at all. Hopefully it will continue working over the next few weeks.

This is my first week on Bootea and I’m rather happy with the results, as I go on, I’ll make sure I keep updating the Bootea diary to documents everything and give you guys the best insight.
Make sure you come back next Monday for a new post!


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