Carbon Coco Review


Brushing your teeth with a black dust like substance doesn’t exactly sound like it would promise results of whiter teeth so obviously, when I was first asked to test it out and write a review by Carbon Coco, I was more than a little skeptical about it doing exactly what it says on the tub.



But I was happily surprised when it actually worked! Now, I’m not saying my teeth were like, fifty shades lighter but there is definitely a distinct difference in brightness and they still feel as smooth as they would when you run your tongue over them as if you were using a normal toothpaste. I mean, okay, so Carbon Coco isn’t the nicest tasting product I’ve had to test like, I wouldn’t season the Sunday chicken with it but when it comes to shining up those pearly whites it does its job and it doesn’t taste like dirt (which I kind of expected, I’m not sure why) and the toothpaste it comes with rids your mouth of that gritty texture on your gums.



However, I must warn you, although this product is amazing, say goodbye to a pristine bathroom because wow does it make a mess, you know how much a pain in the butt glitter is? Imagine brushing you teeth with it. This stuff gets everywhere! Nothing a damp sponge doesn’t get rid of though so it is a minor issue in comparison to how great a product it is. I would also like to point out that it’s pretty safe in the sense of it doesn’t contain any toxic chemicals, it helps balance the pH in your mouth and protects against gum disease along with other nasty things that can go on inside your chops. For me, this is a MASSIVE plus because I recently got over an excruciating toothache as well, if you follow me on Twitter, you’ve probably seen me complaining at some point, so trying new products recently is something I’m very hesitant about as I saw a post about someone trying a tooth whitening product and it ate away at their teeth and I owned a very similar one that after trying out, gave me tooth ache. But, I’ve yet to have a bad reaction to Carbon Coco and it has proven to be rather safe for my gnashers. So, if you want to give it a go yourself then head on over to and grab your own but hey, don’t just take my word for it, check out these reviews as well!




The product came with instructions with images and steps easy to follow, it is suggested you use it for at least a week consecutively before expecting results but honestly, it is so worth it! Get yours at and make sure you tell me what you think! For more amazing results from this product, head on over to their website and check out the testimonials.



  1. October 24, 2017 / 4:09 am

    Thanks for linking to me, doll! I want to try the toothpaste next. Also, I am also too white for banana powder!

    • misssophiablog
      October 24, 2017 / 3:54 pm

      Honestly, i was so gutted about the banana powder thing and the toothpaste is really great, i love it!

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