Exuviance Skin Care Routine – Review

In the respects of skincare, I’m a terrible beauty blogger. I’m not gonna lie to you, I don’t really have much of a skincare routine and sometimes I sleep in my make up because it never really impacts my skin, nowadays at least. I’m fairly lucky to have clear skin and I’ve never suffered majorly from acne or anything like that, the biggest problem I have is an oily complexion which is reasonably easy to control. 

BUT I have been getting into a skincare routine recently with some great products. 

As some of you know, I went to blog con a few weeks ago and I visited the Exuviance stand: best choice I made. I grabbed a few freebies, just a purifying gel, SkinRise bionic tonic pads and a bionic oxygen facial. For a brand I’ve never come across before, I had a little trouble trusting them at first but I figured hell with it, I don’t have a routine, might as well start one and I’m glad I did. 

I try and wash my face every night and a majority of mornings. In the morning, when my skin is at it’s most oily, especially in the T-section, I use the oxygen facial product which is fun because it tingles and tickles slightly so you can kind of feel it working. You just need to apply it to damp skin, leave it for a few minutes for it to foam up and detoxify and then rinse! It leaves your skin feeling like it can breathe through the night, you know that same feeling your mouth gets when you just brush your teeth and it’s like any air feels clean and filtered? Yeah, that. That’s what your skin feels like. I’m pretty sure this is the product delivering molecular oxygen into the skin which energizes the skin cells to make you look fresher and more alive. 

At night I use the face wash. Again, it opens my pores, cleaning out any make up that I’ve missed with a wipe or just taking my make up off with the face wash alone. It does this without creating more of an imbalance in your skin whilst scraping away the excess oily that gives you a greasy complexion. Once the skin is clear and feeling a little tighter, it’s prepared for a moisturizer, this is when I use the pads. The bionic tonic pads hydrate your skin to rid you of the tight feeling you’re left with once you’ve used the face wash. They don’t irritate unless you don’t like your face feeling slightly damp for a few minutes for the formula to soak in and they contain natural ingredients such as cucumber and green tea to soothe and protect the skin for a smoother complexion all round. 

I’ve noticed the oils in my skin being more balanced even through the hot weather and my face just looks all round cleaner with fresh skin cells and no patchiness. I’m definitely trusting Exuviance with my skin care from now on. 


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