If you’ve been on facebook in the last week or so, you’ve more than likely come across one of these “blah blah mouth” groups and you might be wondering where this uprising of these groups came from. I’m here to tell you, it all started with GIRLSMOUTH. Originally, the group was small with a couple hundred girls just getting to know each other, asking for advice, sharing funny stories etc. Some of them meeting up in person and developing life long friendships, but now, the closed group has amounted to a staggering 60000 members, constantly in touch with each other, being the home to a viral post of Megan’s experience on holiday with the lifeguard and even featuring in a few newspapers. After seeing the group grow so fast, I wanted to know more about it so I took to facebook, dropping Chloe Todd (the creator) a message and a few questions so you guys can get a little background of the group.

1. Why did you start GIRLSMOUTH?

Chloe – I literally started GIRLSMOUTH so local girls could get to know each other a little more and make friends.

2. Did you ever once think that GIRLSMOUTH would reach such a large scale?

Chloe – Never. I have always been pretty good with social media having 18k on Twitter but this really surprised me and still does every day the more we grow.

3. Do you have any funny stories that you’ve experienced because of GIRLSMOUTH or that you’ve seen or GIRLSMOUTH that you could share with us?

Chloe – Oh my there are way too many. The best one would have to be our admin, Megan’s post which went viral with 4 million views. She was on holiday and really fancied the life guard so posted on the group to the girls with the caption ‘girls I really fancy the life guard and want a kiss before I go home, help!’ So everyone was urging her to go and talk to him in the comments, she was taking sneaky pics of him for ages and basically in the end she got his number and they were sending cheeky texts all night and resulted in them meeting at the bar and getting pics the next day. It’s on the GIRLSMOUTH page, it’s great.

4. Has GIRLSMOUTH given you any opportunities that you wouldn’t have without the group?

Chloe – 100%. For example making the friends I have. Me and all the admins talk every single day on the phone, we are honestly best friends now, it’s lovely.

5. What did you do before GIRLSMOUTH?

Chloe – I had recently had my son so I wasn’t doing much apart from a few blogs on my mummy account.

6. How have you dealt with any hurtful comments that have been said about you due to the exposure from GIRLSMOUTH as the admin?

Chloe – To be honest I still get quite hurt, I am only human. However it’s getting easier with time, I always get the brunt of everything obviously because i’m the main admin on the group. Every bad post reflects on me so I try so hard to minimise any bad posts on the group.

8. Is there any advice that you have read on GIRLSMOUTH that you think would benefit the readers of MissSophiaBlog?

Chloe – Literally I will carry this everywhere – make love not war.

9. Do you have any big plans for the future that you could tell us about?

Chloe – We obviously have the website that’s just opened and we went viral yesterday so everything’s gone from 0 to 100, watch this space.

10. What’s your favourite thing about GIRLSMOUTH?

Chloe – The positivity and the way it’s helped people. We have helped girls with suicide, break ups, mental health issues and so many more deep and real issues. It’s amazing to get told we have actually made an impact on someone’s life.

I’d like to say a big thank you to Chloe for answering these questions and of course for starting GIRLSMOUTH so that girls have a community they can turn to for advice, friendship and more. I can’t wait to see what else it has in store for us.


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