Go Glam Gala – Event Round Up

I’m a little late in these posts but yay, Go Glam Gala! The Go Glam Gala was a way of promoting GoSend, an international shipping company that aids in getting products from companies that don’t ship to your country or cuts the cost in the orders you do make from abroad.

So I was obviously nervous as I wasn’t sure whether my outfit would cut it for the red carpet dress code and I had to catch three trains which was just no fun whatsoever BUT I got there in one piece and it was sooooo worth it and my outfit worked just fine. Well done to Scarlett for organising such an incredible event at such a beautiful venue, I couldn’t fault it. The actual party was on the second floor, overlooking parts of London which, at night with all the lights, is breathtaking, regardless of how many times I’ve seen it. Obviously there was free wine and beer, little canapés which tasted great (especially the little steak and potato ones) and there was light up furniture, some gorgeous backdrops for pictures and a dance floor which I haven’t seen at other events I’ve attended yet so 10/10 for originality.

Just to name a few companies attending, there was “Cute Nutrition” which is a female directed brand of protein powders, a candy brand called Candy Kittens, they tasted so good! And they took an adorable Polaroid after we tried their samples and Funkin Cocktails who were giving out their free cocktails, thankfully I indulged in them more towards the end of the night so I could actually experience the party sober for an hour or two.

After speaking to all the brands for a few minutes each to learn about what they do and where they’re from, I let my hair down and partied the night away with Georgina, Becky and Tanya, taking pictures in the photo booths which I’m a big fan of, I love catching a good memory! And taking advantage of the free drinks and food. The night ended much sooner than I had wished but I can’t wait for the next one. Events like Go Glam Gala are prime opportunities to make good friends and get some networking done, I love them!

What I wore to Go Glam Gala: Dress and shoes from New Look



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