Happy New Year For A Healthy New You

Happy New Year! 

I love that feeling of a fresh start, it makes you feel like you have a nice crease-less sheet of paper right in front of you, ready to write up an essay on how great 2017 is gonna be or, if you’re like me, you’re writing down your resolutions for this year knowing damn well you’ll probably give up on them by February. And I bet most of you have something like “get healthy” or “lose weight” maybe just “tone up” because I do and it’s always on my resolution list.

Except this year, I’m going to do it properly. 

I’ve tried everything from jogging in clingfilm to fasting for as long as I can which I know, is really unhealthy but I wanted a quick fix. Now I know, that’s not the way. It’s a slow process and it’s anything but an easy one, however, I have found something that helps quite a bit. 

So I joined the gym back in November and I was like all the other new gym goers ya’know? Really hype and pumped to start getting into shape and eating healthy, working on my fitness but eventually that motivation that helps get your butt off the sofa and to the gym wears down pretty quickly if you don’t form habits fast and mine withered after two weeks. 

I wasn’t ready to give up. 

So instead, I went to Matrix, a fitness shop that sells things such as protein powders and work out gear, a place I trust, to pick up DietFX which is a powder I used back in 2014 and lost a whole stone on it within around three months (which I proceeded to put back on during 2015 and 2016 from lack of… Self control and will power). I’ve tried and tested a handful of others but this one works for me. Whilst there, I picked up something else; something that really jumped out at me. 

Boom – pre workout. 

First of all, the packaging is fresh, clean and visible. As you guys know, I feel as if packaging for products is incredibly important, it gives the first impression and is often the reason people will actually pick an item up to find out more so the lightening bolts and bright visuals are perfect. I wouldn’t be able to walk into a shop and miss it. Secondly – It. Works. 

I’m always really doubtful of fitness products because there are often so many fake articles and they promise quick fixes and so on but it’s rare that you find one that performs just like it says on the tin HOWEVER Boom really hasn’t let me down. 

In just ten minutes after I tried it for the first time, my face got really tingly, the kind of sensation you get when you have pins and needles and then soon, it was running through my whole body. I went back to Matrix just to make sure I wasn’t having a bad reaction but it turns out, that’s just the formula working, a physical sign that something works more or less immediately is something to take note of when testing products and if it delivers, it’s already in my good books. Once I’d made sure that everything happening to me was completely normal, I headed to the gym and it is a powerful powder. I only took half a sachet because that’s the suggested amount for a beginner but that alone lasted about an hour and a half, definitely long enough for my workout routine and then some. 

I continued to use Boom, finding it a lot easier to work out after taking a pre workout than it was without. I had more energy and motivation and was able to push myself a lot further during my routines and for someone who is primarily rather lazy, to be able to workout and want to continue working out even after I’ve done my full hour, it’s a big deal. Boom is ideal for those of you looking for something that you want to feel working and for those who struggle to keep going to the gym after having a long day at work, it will give you that burst of energy you require to stick to your fitness programme and get that healthy new you that you so desperately crave. 

If you decide to give this product a go or you’ve tried it before, let me know what you think in the comments! Personally, it’s exactly what I need and I know it will work for others as well. 

Get your own Boom!


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