How To Get Motivated


We’ve all been there, stuck in a rut where we’re bored but don’t have the drive to bother relieving ourselves of that mind numbing state that has been sucking you into an almost inescapable black hole of despair. I should know, I’ve been in one for the past few months.

But, I have finally managed to drag myself out of the void and get back to being productive… or at least, more productive than I have been these past 90 days.

Here’s how I did it:


This is a big one for me because if I’m hungry then nine times out of ten, I’m going to waste a lot of time thinking about food so I always have to have snacks around me when I’m trying to get things done or at least have had a meal before hand. My favourite bites for productivity are Krave, without the milk.


If my room is untidy (which it usually is) then I can’t get anything done, knowing I have other things to do. For this reason, I prefer to write in coffee shops. It’s usually better if they don’t have wifi so that was, I can’t get distracted by social media. Otherwise, definitely make sure your work space is clean.


I won’t lie, the only reason I’m even getting this post done is because it’s on a to-do list and I’m set on completing this to do list. There’s also a nice feeling of achievement when you get to tick things off of your to do list, mine is as long as my arm and slowly, one by one, they’re getting crossed out and I’m feeling way more accomplished.


The biggest reason people don’t get things done is because they never even start. Instead, they sit and procrastinate, scrolling through Tumblr, tagging their friends in memes and before they know it, it’s two in the morning, they’re covered in bread crumbs from that Tesco meal deal they grabbed earlier, their laptop has died and they are forced to stare at the reflection of what they have become. We all know what that reflection looks like and it’s all because they didn’t start. How can you expect to finish something that you didn’t even begin? I, for one, know that I’m way more likely to get everything over and done with faster if I actually get off my butt and start.


One thing I’ve learned is that working out, be it going for a run or to the gym or even running to the gym, really helps get the creative juices flowing and it helps me to think that I’ve already been productive so why stop there? Also, exercising helps release serotonin in your brain which is a chemical that makes you feel happy so it’s a great way to battle things like depression which is definitely a factor that stunts your productivity and cause you to struggle with motivation for anything.

Hopefully, these tips help you get things done and give you that push to do something with your day. Let me know what helps you get motivated in the comments below or @ me on Twitter.


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