June Favourites

I decided that ten just wasn’t enough different categories for this blog so I figured I’d add just one more, this is my first post for favourites.

I’ve found a lot of things this month that I really like and I’d love for you all to try them (listen, watch, etc.) So here are my June favourites.

Let’s start with my favourite food this month, my friends and my boyfriend in particular have grown quite tired of my raw fish ramblings about cravings for sushi so this is without a doubt at the top of my loving list when it comes to snacking, I just love sushi so much, the Shapers Sushi platters from Boots are the best ones I have tried so far.

Next on my list is favourite drink. The one reason I hate summer is that it doesn’t rain as much and because of this, it feels kind of wrong to drink hot drinks however, it has rained quite a lot where I live this month which means I managed to get round to ordering my favourite hot drink from Costa, steamed milk with a shot of vanilla. Now, I know it sounds plain and I don’t think it’s on their menu but it’s affordable and it is absolutely heavenly, I advise you all to try it at least once.


Seeing as this started out as a beauty blog, I feel that this favourites list wouldn’t be a favourites blog without a spot for my favourite beauty buy of the month which is Katy Perry Cool Kitty lashes hands down. These lashes have no competition in my eyes, I just think they’re fab.

The next favourite is a draw. I’ve been seeing little bits of Michael Posner every now and then since I first found out about him a few years back but he’s risen in my mind again and I just haven’t been able to stop listening to Cooler Than Me (I know it’s old) and The Way It Used To Be. They’re so catchy and the beat manages to worm its way into my head daily so if you haven’t listened to either of them, I feel like you should.

My YouTuber of the month has been MissJessicaHarlow and her Iggy Azalea tutorial. The transformation from MissJessica naturally to her finished look is astounding! I will totally follow this tutorial when I get the chance. Also, the products she uses are great quality.

Unfortunately, because this category was a last minute thought, I haven’t managed to collect a lot of favourites for June but I promise to get more for July. Chow!


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