My Dream Life


Everyone has a dream life, whether it be spend their life traveling around the world or own a farm and loads of horses to moving to a quiet cottage in the country side. I really like hearing people’s plans for their future lives and I figured I would share mine with you.

Before I start, my future plans are quite far-fetched and I’m more than aware that only some of this will be possible but regardless, a dream is a dream and I like the idea as it is without shoving some realism into it.

I want a three or four bedroom house with a lot of black and white and red, it’s my favourite colour scheme and if you’ve ever watched my room tour, you’ll see that my current theme is very New York/fame red and white themed. I imagine the kitchen opening up into the living room through an arched doorway and an island in the kitchen where I can cook really nice meals with wine glasses hanging besides all the herbs and spices. The floor tiles are black and the cupboards are white with a black glass work top. When you walk out of the kitchen, there’s a small step down into the living room, laminate flooring with a red and cream rug in the middle, under a glass coffee table. There’s a white corner sofa with red and black cushions sitting on it and a fire place, one of those ones that has a television screen in it with a heated fire playing. On top of the fire place are family pictures, an ornament and two red candles, they smell like cinnamon. The walls of the living room are white and there are canvases with red roses hanging on them. The only other thing in the living room is a TV on glass cabinet.

The hallway has cream carpet and leads into a dining room with grey stone floor tiling and a black glass dinner table, a white vase with roses sits in the middle and the placemats are black leather. The windows in the dining room look out into the garden where flowers bloom and a small fishpond sits at the back. Going back into the living room, there are twisting stairs onto the second floor, wooden stairs in the same style as a fire escape, they lead into the upstairs hallway, the same as the downstairs hallway. The first bedroom is the master bedroom and has a red floral backdrop where the head of the double bed is up against, it’s a bed where the television comes out of the other end of the bed. The other walls are white and one of them is complete mirror doors which opens up into a medium sized walk in wardrobe, which nice clothes all in sections. Shoes line the shelves above. Back into the bedroom, there is a dressing table, with make-up brushes in clear glass jars and a draw full of make-up and body scrubs. The room smells sweet.

The second bedroom is an office with a cream leather sofa against one of the walls and a desk against the other. The desk has on top of it, a laptop, a desk lamp, a notebook, a diary, some stationary, a vase with flowers sits upon the desk that has a small white chair tucked into it. On the sofa lays a dog, a fluffy mix breed, small and cute. Sleeping. The carpet is thick and cream coloured, everything is so minimal and fresh looking.

The third bedroom is spare, a room undecided of its cause, a child, maybe? My sister? I have not decided yet. It’s empty right now. One day it will be filled, I don’t want to fill it when I do not yet know what I am going to do with my life, maybe it will become handy or maybe it will remain empty, or fill up with junk.

For a career I want to write, duh. Or film, I want to make an impact and supply beautiful things to people, with creative writing or personal videos. I want to give people something to turn to in the middle of the night when they can’t sleep because they are haunted by things they have done because I know I do. I know watching someone talk to a camera in their bedroom averts my attention from myself and I know that losing myself in words within my favourite novels is a release that nothing else gives me and I’d like to give that to people. I want to be a quiet successor in my house. I want to hear people say my writing helped them realise something, my videos made them laugh. I’d love to be that person.

Thanks for reading, tell me what you want your dream house to look like in the future in the comments, tell me your dreams.


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  1. November 10, 2015 / 12:11 am

    My dream career is also to write. I want to publish a book one day. I want to travel the world and wear beautiful clothes and share my ideas with people – I don’t covet fame….I just want to share my ideas and make people happy. 🙂

    • November 10, 2015 / 12:35 am

      Same! I just want someone to be able to turn to my blog or turn to my book in a time of sadness using it to cheer them up 😊

  2. November 12, 2015 / 6:56 am

    I want a mansion with an indoor swimming pool and a helicopter pad on the roof.

    Never say never

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