That Time Of The Month

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It’s a pain in the backside, or the uterus if you want to be specific, but there are plenty of things that can boost your mood and ease the pain.

From four and a half years of personal experience, I have collected a few habits that are carried out during that time of month.

Number one is watching a ton of chick flicks. It’s completely normal to be over emotional whilst menstruating whether you’re angrier than normal or more sensitive than you are on the average day so watching sad soppy chick flicks is a great way to release these emotions and then it’s less likely that you’ll take them out on someone else and feel guilty at the end of your cycle. My favourite chick flicks to watch are The Devil Wears Prada, Confessions of a Shopaholic, Valentine’s Day or just watch the entire collection of Sex And The City.

Number two is eating. Now, pretty much everyone loves food but that love is one thousand times stronger when you’re on so a supply of sugary goods generally will make you happy and these sweet things range from chocolate to cake to cookies to jelly and it’s common to consume well over your body weight in them during the five days you’re on so treat yourself and head on over to your bakery or sweet shop and stock up when you know you’re due.

The third thing on my list is to exercise. I know this is without a doubt one of the last things you’re going to want to do whilst you’re tired and in pain but honestly, it helps. You know when you get growing pains in your legs and arms? Well stretching them out helps to ease the ache and stretching and exercising whilst you have period pains will do the same.

Four, pamper. Most of us feel bloated and horrible during them long five days so I suggest that you take a day or two out to just look after and concentrate on yourself, cut your hair, paint your nails, soak in the bath so your confidence stays at a nice level and you don’t get upset looking in the mirror because you feel fat or something because that’s normal too.

Fifth and final, heat is key. The warmth of a bath or resting a cup of tea or hot chocolate or a hot water bottle over your cramps soothes the unbearable contracting of your uterus muscles and you’ll be able to get a better nights rest.

That’s all the help I can give you guys, keep coming back for more posts and get in touch on Twitter!



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