The Veri App


The Veri App

So if you follow me on literally anything, you know I often go on about how much I wish I could talk to more of you and actually be friends with you but it’s difficult on things like twitter, conversations get lost in notifications, Instagram messages blend into the background of Instagram’s busy build and not to mention how we aren’t always online at the same time so having a conversation can take days.

But I have something better now.

If you’re an iPhone user, download the Veri app and book a call with me! I want to interact with my readers all the time and I can actually FaceTime you without you having to give me your number! So you get to keep your privacy and talk to me! It’s a win win! (I know i’ve over done it a bit with the exclamation marks but honestly, this is so exciting for me.) All you have to do is download it, sign up and search for “Miss Sophia Blog” then you can check my times when I’m free and book a call, it’s a great way to get to know each other and I get to see your lovely faces! You can tell me upfront what you want to see on the blog, what you like reading about and if you have a blog, we can organise a collaboration, quick and easy! Also, I take calls for free, so it’s that much easier.

I look forward to talking to you!

If you already have the app, just click this link on your phone and make a call right now!


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