Three Trends I've fell victim to

Usually I don’t follow trends, mainly because I’m broke but this year, somehow, I’ve managed to buy loads of new clothes and even take part in running trends which I’m quite happy about because I LOVE the trends this year, from the florals in Summer and the buckled boots. Today, I’m sharing with you the top three trends I’ve been following this month.

1. Floral Kimonos

trend 3

In case you recognise this, it was  featured in my Holiday Haul video and I still wear it with whatever I can pair it with because it’s just so comfy and adds a splash of colour to all of my outfits. Also, this material is necessary during hot whether, even if Autumn is coming in fast, it still keeps you warm and cool at the same time. I’ve seen almost every girl at my college own some sort of floral jacket or kimono and it is definitely a trend that I expect (and hope) to come back in next year.

2. Flannel Shirts

trend 2

I’m not overly keen on actually wearing flannel shirts but I adore how they look tied around the waist, giving a cute girly look that edge of rough lumberjack. This trend is one that I’m probably going to carry out right through till winter because flannel shirts are sooooo soft and warm and living in England, I kind of need something that isn’t quite a coat or jacket so it’ll still fit in my handbag but it needs to be thicker than a long sleeved top therefore, flannels are perfect.

3. Tattoo choker

trend 1

It’s such a flimsy and slightly childish accessory but it is almost guaranteed to change an entire outfits attitude. The 90’s choker  is back and I feel like it’s the teenager’s version of loom band bracelets, coming in different colours, some with charms on them, these neck-ccessories are all over my town and what’s even better is that they’re affordable at under £5 from Claire’s which is handy because they are so easy to lose.

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