Velour Tracksuit

I don’t have a lot of lounge around clothes at home that are… aesthetically pleasing. Most of the time, I’ll just chill in a t-shirt and whack on some leggings but for those of you with a little more in house style, I urge you to take a look at these beautiful Velour tracksuit bottoms!

Velour is making a comeback recently, along with pretty much all of the cute 90’s trends (so heads up for those of you that like to stay on top of fashion, everything usually repeats itself every 20 years or so.) Think Juicy Couture meets Tumblr baddie. I want to call it urban class.

If I were to wear these velour tracksuit bottoms, I’d be very likely to pair them with a cute black crop top or a vest of some sort to keep that minimalist look about them. You can wear them with trainers, or, if you were clever and found the right pair, even with a set of heels. But you can rock them anyway you like, to the gym, around the house, even a night out if styled correctly. Not only do they look amazing, the material means that they’re soft and cosy, suitable for pyjamas, the possibilities are endless!

Over at there is a velour bomber jacket to go with the bottoms (which will look really good on your Instagram feed by the way) for those of you that like to match things up so it feels like you have your life together.

There are so many other cool things on the website that I’m gonna have to buy to up my game in the world of aesthetic, mainly inspired by tumblr and Instagram, so if you’re into that kind of style then you should definitely take a look!

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  1. May 8, 2017 / 1:45 pm

    Girl I am all about this too. I was old enough to rock Juicy Couture the first time around, but now I actually have enough money to buy it!

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