Vintage Fashion

This post was semi-inspired by my friend, Max (the guy in the pictures) who spends probably the same amount of time on his aesthetic as I do and that’s saying something. 

A vintage aesthetic is very much “out with the new, in with the old” which makes sense considering almost every trend repeats itself after twenty years (chokers, fishnets, boyfriend jeans, the list goes on) so vintage is something that is recurring, think about it, what you’re wearing right now could be considered vintage in fifteen, twenty years time. 

There are many reasons to like vintage clothing, one, it’s timeless, two, it’s affordable – vintage clothing is incredibly appropriate for students or any one with a budget for their wardrobe but still want to have sense of style. For instance, a lot of vintage clothing can be found in charity shops and some of it can be worth a pretty penny if you have an eye for thrift shopping. Take Sophia Amoruso for example, she started the Nasty Gal Vintage brand by finding things cheap in thrift shops and then reselling them on eBay to the highest bidder. 

Regardless of the business side, it’s really fun to work with vintage clothing and intertwine it with a modern fashion taste. I like things that no one else can get their hands on and vintage is great for that because they’re usually one time pieces that aren’t being sold in normal shops anymore so you have to go to specific places. I get most of mine from Best Days Vintage.

Here are some examples of what you can wear:


My favourite type of vintage look is the knitted jumpers. I’m going a bit mad over knitwear at the moment, even though I should probably sway towards more weather appropriate wear considering summer is just around the corner but I kind of can’t help myself if I see a nice woolen sweater hanging on the rail. The best thing about this is that a majority of knitwear is unisex, like the jumper Max is wearing is actually mine. Max shrunk his polar bear sweater because he put it on a wash at 40 and now it would fit him like a glove, not a metaphor. 

Please be more careful when washing your woolies. 


A lot of people don’t like the feeling of suede but you have to admit, when worn correctly, it looks pretty good and if you can work mustard, camel and brown colours, you’ll have no trouble pulling off a vintage outfit. This includes suede shoes, coats and jumpers. 


If you find a really good denim jacket, there are so many things you can do with it, tie it up, distress it, print words on the back, embroidery, roll the sleeves up, wear it over basic t-shirts to give a little more to your outfit. Just make sure that if you’re double denim-ing that your jeans are a few shades darker or lighter than the jacket otherwise you’re committing a fashion crime and I will nOT STAND FOR IT. 

(Even though I did for this photo-shoot because I wasn’t changing my jeans in the middle of a field.)

 Silk Shirts

Recently I’ve gotten into something I like to call “shit-shirt-shopping” which is exactly what it says on the tin. I hunt down an awful silk shirt and somehow, work my way into pulling it off, or at least trying to. And they’re really common in charity shops, who said fashion was expensive? 

There are plenty more types of vintage clothing but my collection isn’t too strong yet, maybe I’ll do an update post in the Summer… I’m feeling tie-dye t-shirts and some embroidered jeans. If you find anything cute and vintage, make sure you send a picture to me on Snapchat – MissSophiaBlog or message me on Twitter @MissSophiaBlog 

I could go on about the vintage/indie/hipster attire but this post is long enough so thanks for reading, I’ll be back next Monday! 



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